Are you ready to feel better than ever?

You are working hard to create your life, yet at the end of the day you lack the energy to feel fully alive. You try to exercise and eat healthy yet you still struggle with balancing your weight. You are passionate about your work, yet the stress of keeping up with your lifestyle is overwhelming. You are interested in yoga and the benefits of it’s practice both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You are ready to make step by step changes that will stay with you for good.
You want a simple approach to diet and exercise, specifically tailored to your own bio-individuality.
You want to enjoy a more healthful and easeful life in a chaotic world.


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Hi, I am Tracy. Welcome to www.tracyremelius.com my latest work.You can find me here sharing tips for attaining simple health and happiness.

I believe that everyone can reach their ultimate potential.

Inside each one of us is a seed of possibility. When supported, encouraged we can develop the self esteem and confidence that will empower us to achieve more than we’ve ever imagined.I am a supportive and encouraging coach and yoga instructor ready to listen to you and co-create with you the life of health that is your natural birth right.