My Story

my_storyI used to be  stressed-out, over caffeinated,  over tired, over-weight, and suffered from constant colds, flu’s and sinus infections. 

In June of 2009, I walked away from what seemed like a perfect career. I had taught school long enough to advance into a good paying position, in a renowned school district. I received accolades and fellowships, I was on committees and parents requested their children to be placed into my classroom.

I was a middle school environmental science teacher for 6 years. The longer I taught, the more I realized that my students and colleagues faced emotional issues, poor health, and disease promoting stress. I came to realize that if people’s emotional and physical health was compromised, it was difficult to inspire them to make the world a better place if they couldn’t care for themselves. Once I began teaching yoga, I realized that I could be more effective, if I could help people care for and love themselves that they would be more empowered to make positive changes in the world.

I was dealing with my own fatigue, and poor health. In an effort to keep up with my work, I was drinking a ton of coffee, having energy crashes every afternoon that had me searching for sugar. I suffered from digestive issues from speed eating and overdosing on coffee. By the end of the day, I would come home exhausted and completely taxed. I’d be lucky if I could get myself to exercise during the week. Although I was active, practicing yoga, enjoying the outdoors-hiking skiing and kayaking,  I became 15 pounds overweight at my heaviest. I was sick with flu’s, month long sinus infections, asthma, and frequent bouts of strep throat.

I finally realized that I didn’t have to live like this anymore.  I had  to face the fact that the way I was living opposed to what I really needed to be  happy. The way I’d been mindlessly managing my energy swings, was depleting my immune system. I needed to develop a way to handle my stress. With the support and encouragement of my husband, I shifted my career as a school teacher to teach Yoga and become a Health Coach. Changing careers and living a more stress-free and simple lifestyle, has inspired me to help others create healthier and happier lives.

Today my life looks a lot different! Over the past few years I have lost 15 pounds, cured my digestive issues, overcome the caffeine habit, banished moods swings and sugar crashes and simplified my daily life to one that is much more present, mindful and full of things I truly enjoy doing. I participated in a 150 mile fundraising bike ride. I still love teaching; now I teach others how to create healthy balance in their lives so they have the energy to meet their optimal potential. Now I teach the science of life through yoga and nutrition.

Your life doesn’t have to radically shift like mine did to feel better, but it may. I will help you make incremental changes that will last a lifetime.



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