Yoga Adventures

yoga_aventures1Want to explore the outdoors with a fun group of like minded yogis?

Join me on a Yoga Adventure!

What’s a Yoga Adventure? Yoga Adventures take you out to explore the world by hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and more. The practice of yoga benefits these activities by creating mindful and meaningful experiences in the outdoors, and helps improve flexibility, strength and balance. In the warmer month’s we’ll practice yoga in a scenic spot along the way with a practice specially designed to benefit our activities. All activities are appropriate for beginners.

“Tracy’s Yoga Adventure programs have provided a new and exciting way for people to connect with our properties. Her teaching allows
students to see and experience beautiful places in a meaningful way and leave with a renewed
sense of their place in the landscape.

The combination of fresh air,  movement, and mindfulness really make you feel healthy and strong at the end of the
day and that’s what has made these some of the most popular programs at our reservations.” 

-Kate Preissler, Western Regions Engagement Manager, Trustees of Reservations.

“Tracy, Thank you for a beautiful afternoon! What a fantastic way to showcase the spectacular Ashintully Gardens! You knew exactly
what yoga moves we needed after our “snowshoe workout.” The warmth extended far beyond the fireplace. Thank you so much!”
-Marianne G.

yoga_adventures2There’s nothing I love more than sharing my passion for the outdoors with everyone I can. Yoga Adventures let me live my passion.

About four years ago, I looked up at the Summit House on the Holyoke Range, and thought, “I want to teach yoga classes up there”, and so began Yoga Adventures.

Ten years ago I graduated from Greenfield Community College’s Outdoor Leadership program where I spent 9 months training to be a back country guide.

Over the years I’ve guided backpacking and canoeing trips, lived in a yurt on an island in Boston Harbor without electricity or running water, rowed wooden boats in the open ocean, guided teens in the Bahamas and Pacific Northwest on scientific expeditions with Earthwatch, taught at an Urban Farm in Holyoke, spent 7 years as a middle school science teacher and now am living the dream as a caretaker for a beautiful Berkshires garden estate with the Trustees of Reservations where the wilderness is at my fingertips.

And today….I’m hiking and snowshoeing all over the Berkshires, Tyringham and the Appalachian trail, exploring the rolling hills of Western Mass on my road bike, skiing every chance I can get, including in the back yard-and doing anything else that is possible on snow!

I get incredibly bored at a gym! I am nourished by fresh air.

Helping others tap into the wisdom of the natural world and their bodies inspires me to get out and get others out-this why I make my programs accessible to beginners and people of all ages.


Come play with me!

To learn more about yoga adventures, visit my offerings page.