yoga_shot“Tracy’s instructions are crystal-clear. She is gifted at teaching mixed-level classes, in which everyone is able to go at their own pace but still advance in their practice. Her lively, up-beat teaching style combines a straight-forward no-nonsense attitude with a fresh and purposive spirituality. I leave her classes feeling renewed, re-energized, and relaxed–all at once!”- Emily Merriman

I believe that yoga has an ability to be a source of change in our lives and a source of empowerment. 
This is one of the major reasons why I teach yoga. When we are empowered, we are capable of anything. We have access to our ultimate potential. We can apply that power to tap into our potential on many fronts. Whether it is our physical or athletic potential, our potential to have healthy and fulfilling relationships, or to create the life work that ignites our deepest sense of fulfillment.


I believe that in order to be empowered we must feel good in our bodies, and we must feel self-love and self acceptance. 
Our bodies were designed to move. We must be active. We must be out in the world moving. To be healthy and empowered we must be walking, dancing, swimming, climbing, swinging, paddling, playing, running, cycling, hiking and more. By practicing yoga postures we learn to move our bodies in a life affirming way and can bring that to all of our other movement. When we move in yoga postures we cultivate conscious movement. We learn to take the ego out of the equation, leave our sense of competition at the door and come into the presence of the miraculousness our bodies.





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