Yoga Classes



Monday 7pm  Moderate Hatha,  The Barn at Ashintully Gardens. 2 Sodom Road Tyringham.


If you’re ready for anything, including  breath work, meditation, mudras and maybe even an arm balance then try this class. As the weather improves, class may be outside. Please contact Tracy before your first class.


Monthly Yoga Nidra Classes. The first week of the month for an extended class with Yoga Nidra.  We’ll start with our normal class and finish with a 30 minute Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra experience. Bring your at least two blankets, blocks, pillows, etc.


Class prices:

60 minute classes: Drop in rates: $10

Ask me about class card options.

About the Yoga

I teach soothing and strengthening slow Hatha “flow” class-which means that postures flow from one to the next without long holds and we maintain a focus on breathing. Tracy teaches alignment that will ensure safety and keep you injury free. Please be able to get up and down off the floor. Beginners welcome. Bring: Mat, 2 Blocks, a blanket or towel for padding, a strap or belt.

About Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra: Experience deeper levels of peace and health than you ever imagined possible. Give yourself permission to rest and restore, taping into new sources of energy. This inspired, meditative practice requires nothing of you but to lie down and listen. Be supported, helped, and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health.

If it’s your first class-Please email or call 413-243-3582. Just to confirm our schedule.

I’m available for personalized private lessons for beginners and those recovering from illness or injury who want individualized attention before joining a group class